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Horseback Riding Lessons

Private Lessons (1 hour) $60

Private Lessons are perfect for beginners and more advanced riders that are looking to sharpen and refine their skills. They are designed to go at the pace of the rider so that each session can be taught around their specific needs. All riders that have never taken steady lessons will be required to do at least 2 months of private lessons before being allowed to do the semi-private lessons. 

Semi Private Lessons (1 hour 2 people max) $50/person

Semi-private lessons are perfect for people that have some riding experience or have taken a good amount of private sessions first. Riders must have good balance and be able to competently steer their horse and follow directions before they are able to be in a semi-private session.  Students should arrive 5-10 minutes early to catch and tack up their horses.

Group Lessons (1 hour 15 minutes 3 people max) $40

Group lessons are for intermediate to advanced riders who are able to steer and follow directions and relatively handle difficult situations well. Must have taken the Semi-private class or have comparable skills. To be the most efficient it is best for students in this class to arrive about 10 minutes early to catch and tack up their horse. 

Family Sessions (1-2 hours depending on the number of people) $25/person

Family sessions are extremely important here at J&M Ranch. Horses bring healing and togetherness and we want to share that with other families. Our family lessons are designed to bring your family closer together as well as increase your riding ability. Parents, please be prepared to be involved even if you are not paying to ride yourself. In these sessions, you tend to spend about half of the time on the ground with your horse and family and about half of the time under the saddle.


Please call or text (text preferred) with any questions and/or for more information

📞  512-820-6921 or 512-818-1360

At the moment we do have a weight limit of 200 for Beginner riders. Advanced riders can inquire about the weight limits.

Child rider gaining equestrian skills during a horseback riding lesson at P2 Farm
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Adult student forming a bond with a horse during a riding lesson at P2 Dressage Horseback Riding Farm
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Horse Training

At Psquared Farm, we use our extensive knowledge of classical Dressage principles and pressure and release tactics to help horses overcome pushy or impatient behaviors on the ground, such as standing tied or other ground problems. Our gentle, calm, and confident approach to all behavioral problems ensures that your horse receives the best possible experience and training. While we do not specialize in starting horses, we excel at furthering their training and helping them reach their full potential. Trust us to provide your horse with the expert care and training they deserve. We encourage owners to be as present during the training process as they can be whether that be up close or from afar.

Partial training $800/month

includes 3 training sessions per week

group or private turnout

free choice forage

Active training throughout all interactions

Fly Supplement and electrolytes

Full Training $1200

includes 5-6 training sessions per week

group or private turnout

free choice forage

Active training throughout all interactions

Fly Supplement and electrolytes

About Our Instructor

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MaKayla Peoples 

With a robust equestrian background of 19 years, MaKayla brings extensive horse experience to P2 Farm. She has dedicated four years to full-time Dressage training under USDF gold medalists. Her competitive spirit has seen her triumph in numerous competitions, claiming victories up to the 3rd level.

MaKayla's commitment to ongoing education sets her apart. She has invested hundreds of hours in furthering her Dressage education, and she relentlessly pursues opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills.

Beyond her accomplishments and dedication, MaKayla is passionate about making Dressage accessible to the everyday rider. Recognizing that Dressage is often perceived as a sport for the elite, she's committed to breaking down those barriers. Her teaching approach is designed to make this classical art form available to anyone with a passion for riding, regardless of their background or experience.

Her proven teaching methodology generates balanced, centered riders. She fosters an encouraging environment where the needs of the horse are of paramount importance. Through her guidance, both horse and rider can flourish, embodying the true spirit of Dressage in an inclusive and welcoming setting.

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