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  • Can my children volunteer their time?
    Unfortunately we do not accept volunteers, however individuals that are in the student program often get opportunties to expand their education and help out with various activities and chores both on and off the farm.
  • How can I help out the animals?
    There are so many ways you can help support the animals and the dedicated people taking care of them. We always love to be gifted grain and hay and any horse supplies we can put to good use in our lesson or pony party programs. Gifts of tack and blankets and medical supplies are always well appreciated as well. Gifts can be dropped off at our doorstep or we can arrange pick up potentially if you send us an email. We offer grounnd leases to individuals that are not interested in riding but would like to come out and spend time with the animals. Ground leases are a great way to support everyone here on property. ​
  • What is the appropriate attire?
    Attire varies per activity but we always ask that you wear close toed shoes on the premises unless you are attending a party event that does not involve the horses in any way. For lessons we ask that you wear long pants that are not made of a slippery material (cotton leggings are perfect), and shoes that are closed toed and have a slight heel on them.
  • What is the best way to get information about lessons and activities?
    Email or text 512-818-1360 for information about lessons, parties, picnics and other activities and events. You are more than welcome to call as well, but texting or emailing will typically get a much faster response.
  • Can I bring my dog or other pets with me to visit the farm?
    We do not allow pets to visit during lessons, parties or trail rides. Dogs that come on property during those events will be restricted to their car. If you would like to bring your dog out to enjoy the wide open spaces that the farm has to offer you can book us through Sniffspot!
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